ICYMI: Congressman Allen
Holds Telephone Town Hall

WASHINGTON – Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12) held a telephone town hall Tuesday night to answer questions from residents of Georgia's 12th District. Congressman Allen gave an update on President Biden’s executive orders, COVID-19 relief, legislation to reopen schools, and more. For those who were unable to participate in the call, here are some of the highlights:

Sharon from Evans asked about concerns with election integrity.

Congressman Allen: “I agree with you, I believe that the American people deserve full transparency… [that’s] one of the reasons I signed the amicus brief that urged the Supreme Court to consider a case to determine the constitutionality of changes to our election processes that were unilaterally made without the consent of state legislators. While it was not heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, I will continue to fight for this transparency and fairness.

“The bottom line is you don’t have the same guidelines for in-person voting that you do for mail-in or absentee voting, and that’s unequal representation under the law. It’s much easier to register and get an absentee ballot and the only way to check that is a signature verification at the polling area… and two things that we need to know on those absentee votes is 1) That you have a voter ID, so that you need to submit a copy of that with your absentee ballot. 2) I think that we need to know that you actually live in the precinct that you are voting in. That matters, particularly in local elections. So those are two important pieces to the voter certification. Let me tell you, we want everybody to have the opportunity to vote, but we don’t want to take away anybody’s vote with an irregular vote, so I am with you 100%.”

Melanie from Dublin asked about issues with Social Security and Medicare.

Congressman Allen: “Let me tell you- if you have got someone who is having a problem with the federal government like Social Security or Medicare, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call our Augusta office at 706-228-1980. We also have a Dublin office which might be a little closer to you, and that number is 478-272-4030...

“Please have your folks contact our caseworkers and we will get to the bottom of it. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. As I said earlier on the call, if any of you are having problems with the federal government, whether that be VA, Social Security, Medicare you name it... We are there for you and we would be glad to assist you.”

Bonnie from Statesboro asked about President Biden’s immigration agenda and what Congress is doing to secure the border.

Congressman Allen: “We have the most accessible immigration law and are by far the most generous in the world… We have COVID right now and [Biden’s policy] is the worst policy, and I do not know how this administration is getting away with this. I am telling you that it is going to create real problems, our law enforcement is overburdened down there and border patrol they can’t deal with this…Like I said, it took President Trump three of his four years to get that thing fixed down there…we were getting that border wall built to help our border patrol because all that does is help them do their job, and we owe that to them. They put their lives on the line every day and there are some bad people showing up at that border…

“We are in a fight and we are going to keep fighting and hopefully we will get back to commonsense policy really soon.”

Susan from Springfield asked about COVID-19 vaccine availability.

Congressman Allen: “The vaccine was developed in warp speed, nothing like this has ever been achieved in medical history. The delivery of the vaccine could have been delayed until they had built more inventory, but we wanted to go ahead and try to get folks vaccinated, and obviously the deployment of the vaccine has gone much better than the supply. The problem with the vaccine is the supply…

“... obviously the elderly and certainly folks with preexisting conditions need to get their vaccines. We will continue to work on it.”

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