The Resiliency of Our Republic

This week we saw an assault on our Capitol. This violence is un-American, and I condemn it in the strongest terms. This is not who we are as a nation, and we must come together to restore law and order. While I will never forget that dark day, I will also never forget the heroes in the Capitol Police who rushed my colleagues and me to safety, and Robin and I are praying for the family of the U.S. Capitol Police Officer who was lost, Officer Brian Sicknick.

The fact that we went back in the House Chamber that night and finished conducting the business of counting the Electoral Votes shows the resiliency of our Republic. 

The objections brought forward to certifying certain states’ Electoral College votes were not about any political figure – it was about the Constitution. Changes to our election system were made without the consent of state legislatures -- the bodies responsible for governing elections -- and until these questions, among others, are answered, I could not vote to certify the Electoral College votes for the two states contested by a Representative and a Senator, Arizona and Pennsylvania. I urge state legislatures to urgently take up election reform so we can start restoring faith in our election process.

However, now that the Electoral College votes have been certified, I believe we must come together and unify as a nation – especially in light of this week.

117th Congress Begins

On Sunday, I was sworn in to the 117th Congress and I’m ready to get to work! Thank you to the 12th District for giving me the honor of continuing to serve you.

Visiting Department of Public Health Vaccination Site

I joined Dr. Stephen Goggans, District Health Director of the East Central Health District, in a visit to a Department of Public Health Vaccination Site at Craig-Houghton Elementary School in Augusta. During the visit I received an update on vaccine distribution efforts.

Opposing House Democrats’ Rule Changes for 117th Congress

This week House Democrats passed a package to change the Rules for the 117th Congress that would pave the way for their costly socialist policies, continue voting by proxy, and gut the minority party’s ability to amend legislation This is a ridiculous abuse of power.

Department of Education Delivers COVID Relief for K-12 Students, Teachers and Schools

This week the Department of Education announced that more than $54 billion in emergency relief funding is now available to support fully reopening K-12 schools, and will help to measure and address the learning loss caused by a lack of in-person options for families. This funding is part of the $81.9 billion Congress allocated to the Education Stabilization Fund in the latest COVID relief package, which I supported in the House.

ICYMI: COVID Relief Package Ends Surprise Billing

I’ve long advocated for working on bipartisan legislation to end surprise medical billing, which will ensure properly insured patients do not end up with costly, unexpected charges after going to a hospital or other health care provider. I’m glad to share that legislation to end this harmful practice was included in the COVID-19 relief package that Congress passed in December. This free-market solution will take patients out of the middle and fairly resolves payment disputes between plans and providers.

With the 117th Congress kicking off this week, I remain committed to addressing government spending and our skyrocketing national debt. That’s why the first joint resolution I cosponsored this Congress -- H.J.Res.3 – proposes a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
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