About the Congressional Prayer Caucus

Throughout the history of our nation, prayer has played a vital role in strengthening the fabric of our society. The Congressional Prayer Caucus is a bipartisan Congressional Member Organization consisting of members from across the country who believe in the power of prayer.

 We recognize the vital role that prayer, by individuals of all faiths, has played in uniting us as a people, and in making us a more generous, more cooperative, and more forgiving people than we might otherwise have been. We collect, exchange, and disseminate information about prayer as a fundamental and enduring feature of American life. We pray for our nation, especially our legislative body.

George Washington praying at Valley Forge
George Washington praying at Valley Forge

Chairman's Update

As Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, I want to share with you some of my current prayers for our nation, and invite you to join me. Each week, members of Congress from around the nation gather to share their prayer requests in between important votes that will shape the future of our country.

The holiday season is a time of anticipation. Children spend the weeks leading up to Christmas eagerly awaiting the arrival of their presents and hoping Santa Claus will look favorably upon them. As believers, we, too, spend this season awaiting the date marking the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and thanking Him for all of the gifts with which we have been blessed.

Let us rejoice in the many gifts He has bestowed upon us. Throughout this season, God invites us to spend the coming days in reflection and prayer as to what the birth of Christ means for us, for the life of our world, and for the life of the world to come. May your hearts be filled with excitement and hope during this most wonderful of seasons, and your prayers reflect the bounty which our Lord has set aside for us. 

Accompanying Scripture: Matthew 1:18-23

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