Rep. Rick Allen Speaks on Rev. Billy Graham

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Washington, February 28, 2018 | comments

U.S. Congressman Rick Allen (R-Ga.-12) spoke on the House floor yesterday, honoring the life and legacy of the late Reverend Billy Graham.

“It is my privilege today to rise to honor the life of ‘America’s Pastor.’ Last week, we mourned the loss of Reverend Billy Graham, who passed away at the age of 99 in his beloved home in North Carolina.

As one of the most influential pastors of the 20th century, Reverend Graham traveled the world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people. In fact, he preached to more people than anyone who has ever lived. As a young man, I have very fond memories of my family all coming together to sit in front of the television to watch the Rev. Graham’s Crusades.

His message of God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, and justice deeply influenced not only me, but also many in our nation’s history. In today’s day and age, we desperately need another Billy Graham, to give hope to a deceived, confused, and hopeless populous. Rev. Graham preached the truth, he lived it, and we know that the truth will set us free. But more importantly, Billy Graham has heard the words from the Savior of the world ‘well done my good and faithful servant.’

Billy Graham will be sorely missed but his memory will live on in the hearts and minds of those millions of people he helped and as Billy Graham would say, ‘All glory be to God.’”


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