Georgia Rep. Speaks on Farmers Seeking Relief Following Government Re-opening

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WTOC 11, January 28, 2019 | comments

WASHINGTON DC (WTOC) -With the government now open, Georgia’s representative Rick Allen offers up a message for farmers who may still be concerned after dealing with effects from the shutdown.

“Well you know last week, the President asked Secretary Perdue to open up all the FSA offices, so they are working with our farmers making their plans for the planting season,” said Representative Allen. “That was required and they should be in process. Now of course the government reopened on Friday, so if there are any delays, obviously please contact our offices. We have constituent services. We can help with this.”

When asked how he felt when the government’s opening was announced, Allen said “Well I was very happy about it. We have a broken appropriations process in United States Congress. You know people like to blame this on the President. The bottom line is the senate sent us a clean CR, we were the majority then, we didn’t have the votes to pass it and so here we are. It’s gonna be a tough 21 days. I happen to ride up on the airplane today with Sen. Lindsey Graham. They have a plan in the Senate. If they can get it done in the Senate, I think we have a plan in the House. So, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

A border security conference committee was created on Friday tasked with keeping the government open. The government is now open for the next three weeks while the lawmakers work to find a compromise.

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