Rep. Rick Allen Reacts to State of the Union Address

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Washington, January 20, 2015 | comments

U.S. Congressman Rick Allen (R-Ga.-12) tonight issued the following response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. To watch video of Congressman Allen’s reaction click HERE or the image below.

“I had hoped the President would use his State of the Union address to discuss how he would work with Congress on solutions that empower all Americans through more opportunities and a strong economy. Unfortunately, what we heard tonight were more of the same failed policies of the past that grow the size of government instead of growing our economy. The President's agenda of higher taxes to pay for more Washington spending is not the way to foster an environment that helps the middle class or creates jobs. Instead, we should focus on creating a simpler, fairer tax code that lifts burdens off hardworking taxpayers and business owners and encourages growth in the private sector.

 “I was also disappointed to hear the President propose more government regulations and increased spending. Working families already face a mountain of federal rules and mandates stifling job creation and increasing Washington’s control over their decisions on important issues like health care and education. Rather than expanding bureaucracy with more red tape and federal programs, we should be implementing proposals that expand opportunities for Americans by lowering their costs and increasing their choices.

“Georgians in the 12th district sent me to Congress to solve these problems impacting them and get our country on the right track. The House has already passed a number of bipartisan bills this year that will put people back to work with good-paying jobs, build a stronger economy and limit the growing reach of the federal government. I will continue to work with my colleagues on these efforts and fight for legislation that empowers hardworking Americans while getting Washington out of the way. I hope the President will leave his ineffective policies of the last six years in the past and pursue areas where he can work with us on new, better solutions to move our country forward.”

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