Rep. Rick Allen Fights for School Choice

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Washington, October 21, 2015 | comments

U.S. Congressman Rick Allen (R-Ga.-12) today supported the reauthorization of the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Reauthorization Act, or SOAR Act, which would reauthorize scholarships to low-income students to attend private school in the District of Columbia through September 30, 2021. This legislation passed the House on October 21, 2015 by a vote of 240-191. H.R. 10 now goes to the Senate for passage. Congressman Allen issued the following statement after the House passed the bill earlier today:

“By providing school choice to low income families, we give parents the flexibility they need to ensure their child is able to attend a school that best meets their academic needs. This program has a proven track record of graduating our students and preparing them for the future.”

Allen also urged his colleagues to stand up for school choice by voting in favor of this legislation. Video of his remarks can be found below.
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