Rep. Allen Hails Passage of Resolutions Disapproving EPA Regulations

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Washington, December 1, 2015 | comments

WASHINGTON, DC--U.S. Congressman Rick Allen (R-Ga.-12) today voted in favor of two resolutions disapproving of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new and existing plants. These resolutions are a response to harmful regulations established by the EPA under the President’s Clean Power Plan.  S.J. Res. 23 passed by a vote of 235-188, while S.J. Res 24 passed by a vote of 242-180 and will be sent directly to the President’s desk.

“Today the people’s House voted to keep electricity affordable and reliable for Americans. Our forefathers never intended for faceless bureaucracies to write our laws. The EPA’s power grab is out of control, some experts have even said that the Clean Power Plan may be one of the most expensive regulations ever imposed on Americans. This plan will do nothing but raise the cost of energy for consumers and persuade employers to take their businesses elsewhere. I strongly support the passage of these two resolutions and will continue to defend Americans from frivolous regulations that trample the rights of our citizens, hurt our economy and hinder job growth.

Currently a majority of states, including Georgia, have filed suit against the EPA for unconstitutional executive overreach.  As these cases move through the courts, I am happy that Congress spoke to provide for Congressional disapproval of each rule.”


Congressman Allen spoke on the floor in support of S.J. Res 23 and S. J. Res 24. See video of his speech by clicking HERE .

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