Rep. Rick Allen Introduces Legislation to stop IRS’ Abuse of Power

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Washington, April 12, 2016 | comments

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Rep. Rick Allen (R-Ga.-12) introduced legislation to prohibit the use of funds by the Internal Revenue Service to target citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights. H.R. 4903 upholds Americans’ constitutional freedoms and checks the IRS’ power, thereby preventing the agency from discriminating against certain groups for their beliefs and views.

“Americans have seen federal agencies abuse their power—and the IRS is one of the worst offenders. In seasons past, the IRS has specifically targeted conservative groups simply for being conservative. This is a direct violation of the First Amendment. 

I am proud to introduce legislation to preserve the integrity of the First Amendment by ensuring its protections are never compromised by unelected federal bureaucrats. My legislation protects Americans by prohibiting the use of funds by IRS and its bureaucrats to carry out government abuse on citizens for exercising their God given constitutional rights. I can think of nothing more despicable.

Tax Day is stressful enough with the tax code we have in place. The IRS has no business in striking fear into the hearts of Americans for expressing their strongly held beliefs and convictions. The Constitution is the law of the land, whether the IRS likes it or not.”


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