Congressman Rick Allen visits Burke County Middle for Feed My School Day

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Kids in the Burke County Public School System are learning how to farm. In that class, they are getting their hands dirty.

“We have garden, yoga, produce, painting," explained 6th-grade student Trayonna Jones.

Congressman Rick Allen (R-Georgia) talked to the kids for Feed My School Day and presented Stemify teams awards they won in a recent competition. Middle schoolers showed elementary students how the plants they learn about in the classroom grow.

“A lot of times school is just arithmetic and academics, but this garden aspect also brings in other things that the kids can do," said current teacher of the year Kenesha Reddick
Students learn teamwork, problem-solving and how to make healthier eating choices.

Lisa Dojan provides fresh lettuce every month from her farm. Her company, Fisheads, has been contracted by the school for the past five years.

“Any time we can introduce fruits and veggies at a young age, we can help make an impact on diabetes, juvenile high blood pressure," said Dojan.

Studies show nutritious meals also boost academic performance.

“I feel like we’re making the world better by putting more fresher vegetables into the world and I think that’s making the world a better place,” Jones added.

These kids feel their hands-on experience helps boost their self-esteem, too.

Most of what Burke County students eat at school is grown locally. Sixty-two percent of the state’s school districts surveyed by the USDA say they participate in farm-to-school activities.

By: Jasmine Anderson

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