Rep. Allen Statement on Impeachment

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Washington, January 13, 2021 | comments

Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12) today released the following statement after opposing impeachment:

"What we saw last week was an assault on our democracy, and that tragic day has highlighted the urgent need for leaders on both sides of the aisle to end the extreme rhetoric and come together to help unite our country. The attack should never have happened, and we must launch a full investigation into the security failure so that we can take appropriate action. However, my Democratic colleagues have launched a rushed impeachment process just one week before President Trump’s term ends that will do more to divide our country than unite us.

“This vote was called without one single hearing in the Judiciary Committee or opportunity for cross examination. In the Senate, a trial will not even begin before President Trump is out of office!

“We should be focused on pressing policies to help the American people, like growing the economy, creating jobs and defeating COVID-19. In order for the nation to unify and heal after last week’s assault on our Capitol, the best way forward is through a peaceful transfer of power next week, which is why I opposed impeachment.”

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