Rep. Allen Opposes Pelosi's Payoff to Progressives

Today, Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12) spoke on the House floor in opposition to H.R. 1319, Pelosi's Payoff to Progressives COVID "relief" legislation. This $1.9 trillion package devotes only 9 percent toward actual COVID relief while advancing a number of unrelated Democrat priorities. The House is expected to vote on the package tonight.

Here we are again -- I’m disappointed to say that my Democrat colleagues refuse to negotiate on legislation to provide targeted, temporary COVID-19 relief to the American people.

Let’s be clear: Only 9% of this $1.9 trillion package being advanced goes toward pandemic-related expenses and it’s riddled with partisan priorities unrelated to the pandemic, including:

A $15 federal minimum wage requirement that will destroy 1.4 million jobs

$350 billion in blue state bailouts while leaving behind states like Georgia

Funding for a Silicon Valley underground tunnel

And much more!

Throughout this whole process my Democrat colleagues have rejected prioritizing reopening our schools – despite the CDC stating that schools can safely reopen with proper precautions.

Some of our students haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in a year, but partisan priorities are apparently more important.

Let’s not forget that nearly $1 trillion remains unspent from previous relief packages.

So let’s stop calling it “COVID relief” when this package is clearly just a payout to progressive priorities.

It’s time to end this nonsense because the American people are no longer fooled.


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