Rep. Allen Opposes PRO Union Bosses Act, Stands With Workers

Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12), Lead Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee’s Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Subcommittee, today released the following statement after opposing H.R. 842, Democrats’ PRO Union Bosses Act:

“No worker should be forced to participate in union activity or pay for representation they do not agree with as a condition of employment. But union bosses see the sharp decline in union participation over the last 60 years and are relying on their Congressional Democrat allies to line their pockets and fulfill their wish-lists by passing this radical proposal. And the Democrats are bypassing committees to get it done quickly so their union boss friends can spend union dues on advancing the far-left’s political agenda.

“This legislation is so radical, it would overturn Right-to-Work laws in 27 states, including Georgia! I introduced an amendment to strike that provision and prioritize workers’ right to earn a living, but Democrats blocked it. In fact, I introduced a total of five amendments that would put workers first, but Democrats only allowed one to be considered on the House floor.

“As the Republican Leader of the Education and Labor HELP Subcommittee, I would have welcomed the opportunity to debate and amend this flawed legislation in committee, but my Democrat colleagues aren’t interested in pursuing unity or bipartisanship. They aren’t even interested in helping American workers or small businesses at this critical time of recovery. If they were, they would not be advancing such an anti-worker bill.”

Watch Congressman Allen’s full remarks during debate on the House floor here.

Watch Congressman Allen offer his Right-to-Work amendment here.


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