Rep. Allen Highlights Democrats' Constant Assault on American Energy

Washington - Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12), a member of the House Energy Action Team, spoke during a special order on the House floor last night highlighting how President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ energy policies have destroyed American jobs and raised costs for consumers. Congressman Allen’s remarks can be found below.

HEAT Special Order


Under President Trump and the Republican Majority, our nation was energy independent for the first time in my lifetime.

Sadly, for everything we did to become more energy independent and grow our economy, President Biden and the Democrats have done the opposite.

As a result of the Biden Administration’s policies, American jobs have been destroyed and families are paying more for everything.

The fact that Biden begged OPEC and Saudi Arabia to boost oil output because Americans have been paying over 40 percent more at the gas pump is a sobering example of his weak leadership, and it demonstrates how this Administration’s constant assault on American Energy has embarrassed us on the world stage.

To make matters worse, the Democrats are marching full steam ahead with more job-destroying and cost-raising policies as part of their $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree.

For example, their proposed natural gas tax would eliminate up to 90,000 jobs in just the first year of the program. Whose side are they on?

It is also alarming that Democrats are proposing $150 billion to mandate deployment of clean energy [technology] that is manufactured in China, while at the same time China has been building coal-powered plants around the world. They got to be laughing at us.

This massive package – which, by the way, we still don’t have the full cost details yet – will punish American households and consumers through higher costs while sending good-paying jobs overseas. Like I said, whose side are they on?

Sadly, this isn’t anything new – President Biden has continued to hand our adversaries like Russia and China victory after victory while chipping away at our energy dominance.

I urge President Biden and the Democrats to put Americans first by ending their war on fossil fuels, and instead work with Republicans on policies that will get our nation back on the road to energy independence.


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