House Passes Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act

Secures Critical Funding for Fort Gordon and the Savannah River Site

Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2670, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2024. The NDAA authorizes annual funding levels for the U.S. Armed Forces and sets expenditures for the Department of Defense (DOD). After supporting the bill on the House floor, Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12) issued the following statement:

“House Republicans are delivering on our commitment to a nation that is safe. The American people should have faith that our defense capabilities and servicemembers have the funding and resources necessary to counter global threats to our homeland, and this year’s NDAA accomplishes that goal with great certainty.

“I was proud to support H.R. 2670, which among other things, restores the focus of our military, combats aggression from the Chinese Community Party, provides the largest pay raise for servicemembers in over 20 years, and offers a path back to service for military personnel who were wrongfully discharged for failing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, the NDAA secures critical funding for the operations and missions being carried out at Fort Gordon and the Savannah River Site—ensuring our area remains a leader in keeping America safe.

“Those who make up our nation’s Armed Forces are the bravest among us, and I am proud to support a bill that prioritizes the men and women in uniform and the security of this great nation.”

More specifically, the Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act:

  • Authorizes full funding for the design and construction of the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence’s Signal School at Fort Gordon and provides funding for the first phase of construction for fiscal year 2024
  • Authorizes over $1 billion for missions being carried out at the Savannah River Site
  • Provides $886.3 billion in total defense discretionary spending
  • Saves $40 billion in taxpayer dollars by eliminating redundant bureaucracy
  • Supports a 5.2% increase in servicemember basic pay
  • Prohibits funding for the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the military
  • Provides assistance to the 8,000 servicemembers discharged for failing to take the COVID-19 vaccine and gives them a path back to service
  • Authorizes over $240 million to reduce servicemember out-of-pocket housing expenses
  • Provides capabilities to counter Chinese Communist Party aggression
  • Increases oversight and demands accountability from the Biden Administration

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