ICYMI: Congressman Allen Hosts Telephone Town Hall

In case you missed it, Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12) held a telephone town hall earlier this week to answer questions from residents across Georgia’s 12th District. More than 3,000 constituents joined Tuesday’s call where Congressman Allen provided updates on current political issues such as President Biden's war on American energy, the 21st-century workforce, a bill aimed at improving price transparency in health care, the crisis at our southern border, and more.

For those unable to participate in the call, here are some of the highlights:

Patrick from Statesboro asked about Texas Governor Abbott's efforts to secure the border:

Congressman Allen: "I am in full support of Governor Abbott. I have been to Texas, and I am on the border caucus...  you can’t imagine what this issue has done to that state and what it has cost that state. The President is doing nothing... The federal government’s responsibility is national security. Border security is national security. If the federal government usurps that responsibility, then the 10th amendment should kick in and the state will have to protect their people, and that’s the way I view it."

NOTE: During the 118th Congress, Congressman Allen has supported legislation to secure our southern border, cut spending, fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs, and lower costs for Americans, all of which have passed in the House of Representatives and stalled in the U.S. Senate.

Emmett from Statesboro asked about declaring the Mexican cartels as a terrorist organization:

Congressman Allen: "I have signed an AUMF, which is basically declaring that they are a terrorist organization... Right now the cartels own our border. They decide who crosses that border and who doesn’t, and I’ve never seen anything like this... I’m very passionate about this, I’ve been there multiple times, I’ve seen it. They are misleading these people, and it’s a horrible thing... [House Republicans] have passed H.R. 2, we sent it to the Senate last May, and the Senate won’t pass it... We need the laws to protect this country and we need the President to obey the law."

NOTE: Earlier this week, the House passed H. Res. 863, legislation to remove Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas from office, with Congressman Allen's support. Learn more HERE.

Richard from East Dublin asked about deportation penalties for illegal immigrants:

Congressman Allen: "[House Republicans] have passed H.R. 6976 – The Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act. This ensures that illegal immigrants who have been convicted of driving while impaired are deportable. Currently, illegal migrants who are convicted of a DUI are free to stay in the U.S., putting American lives in jeopardy. We passed H.R. 5585, [the] Agent Paul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act which imposes criminal penalties for illegal migrants who evade U.S. border patrol agents or other law enforcement officers... If an illegal immigrant is found guilty of doing this, they will be deported and will be ineligible for asylum."

NOTE: The House recently passed H.R. 5378, the bipartisan Lower Costs, More Transparency Act, with Congressman Allen's support. Learn More HERE.

Keri from Bulloch County asked about how Congress is supporting local pharmacies:

Congressman Allen: "...we have a problem, particularly in rural America, because they are trying to put our pharmacies out of business... We need to keep our constituents’ best interests at heart. I am cosponsoring the Protecting Patients Against PBM Abuses Act and it is being led by my colleague from Georgia, Buddy Carter. It prohibits the PBMs from earning profit off of the Medicare Part D Drug list..."

If you’d like to participate in future Telephone Town Halls, please sign-up HERE.

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