Congressman visits Fort Gordon to discuss schools and infrastructure

By Derrikia Young

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AUGUSTA (WJBF), February 22, 2017 | comments

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – U.S. Representative Rick Allen visits Fort Gordon in a 3-hour briefing on cyber commands and more.

“I don’t mind telling you it’s like drinking from a fire hose, we have a lot going on here,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

US Representative Rick Allen says he is very proud of what is happening at Fort Gordon and calls it the ‘new frontier of warfare’.

“I want to thank the community, the community has been a big support,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

Allen met with Fort Gordon and Cyber Command officials today in a 3-hour meeting. He says they talked about local schools and everything htey need to do to set the bar high as far as technology is concerned.

“and what I see is a lot of challenges but I also see tremendous opportunities,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

Like Georgia Governor Nathan Deal last week, Congressman Allen stressed that local schools need to step up because the potential is here… where the cyber related mission will be located.

“Not only folks who live here can fulfill this mission but folks who wanna move here and educate their children right here during this process,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

Last week, Governor Deal signed a budget that allocates 50-million dollars to the Cyber Innovation and Training Center being built downtown.
And Allen says upgrades to the local infrastructure are included in that money.

“We talked about the new gate and the infrastructure there, turn that into i-20, we’re talking about the city center downtown where a lot of these folks wanna live… and we’re also talking about airport services,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

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