Locals from Georgia, South Carolina in Washington for inauguration festivities

By Peter Zampa

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Washington, January 19, 2017 | comments

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Inauguration just a day away! Local folks made the trek to Washington to watch President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing in and to partake in the festivities.  

"It felt right to attend the inauguration and see the thing all the way through," said Jane Page Thompson, from Aiken County.

Thompson was a convention delegate, electoral college attendee, and is now a witness to history. Thompson says she’s looking forward to the balls and galas, but the parade most of all.

"I carried the banner when I was...six years old for (President Jimmy) Carter," said Thompson. "And then I was in a band for (President Ronald) Reagan, and I was in a high school group for (President George H.W.) Bush Senior. So I’ve been in three parades."

Thompson’s Congressman is Joe Wilson (R-SC), who says he is thrilled to be sharing the experience with family, friends, and constituents.

"It’s really a family event and it’s going to be very positive...I believe with a positive new President Donald Trump," said Wilson.

Not everyone on Capitol Hill feels the same way. The list of Democrats not attending the event grows every day, and thousands of protesters are expected. Richmond County resident Bob Finnegan says that is their right, but says to them, "Do not interfere."

"Go ahead and do that," said Finnegan. "Stage your protest, voice your opinion. But don’t disrupt what’s going on."

Finnegan’s Congressman Rick Allen (R-GA) says to the democrats deciding not to go, "Give me your tickets!"

Allen says the demand has been high for the events and he is looking forward to it.

"I’ve never done this before, so it’s a new experience," said Allen. "But I’m pretty excited about the future of the country."

"I have noticed since the election just a real sense of people being excited," said Finnegan. "People being positive. And that excites me, I’m just real happy to see that."

The Georgia and South Carolina festivities begin Thursday night with their respective inaugural balls, and continue into tomorrow for the big day.

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