Rep. Allen, Sen. Perdue react to President Trump's address to Congress

By J. Bryan Randall

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AUGUSTA, WFXG, March 1, 2017 | comments
WASHINGTON, D.C. (WFXG) - Right after President Trump's address to Congress, Georgia Congressman Rick Allen gave some of his reaction. Congressman spoke with our Dawn Baker last night, saying "Well, obviously his energy, and I think he talked to all Americans about his vision for the country, the American spirit and the fact that if we can work together, we can accomplish anything."

Congressman Allen's office issued a statement following the address.

“Tonight, Americans everywhere heard the President outline his vision for our country. Focused and forward thinking, his vision revives the American spirit— a spirit in all of us no matter our background or circumstances. In his short time in office, we have already seen promises kept and immediate action. Real people have real problems, and the President’s agenda is not a checklist of issues, but rather an acknowledgment and response to the nation’s outcry and demand for change.

For the past 8 years, Americans have been left behind by policies created inside the beltway with little to no regard for the average Joe and Joanne. Not anymore. Our President is using his business sense to begin chipping away at the ice around our frozen economy, rescinding rules and regulations to provide job creators an economy to flourish in. He has made it his top priority to secure our country by rebuilding our military, supporting law enforcement, enforcing current laws and protecting our borders.

While momentum is building, there is much work to be done. Tax reform and Obamacare repeal and replacement lie in front of us. Georgians and folks all across America deserve better than Obamacare and the President is determined to provide relief to Americans at all costs—working across the aisle and asking Democrats to join him. Our President is not afraid to step outside his comfort zone to keep his word to Americans. 

These are the reasons Americans sent Trump to Washington, and these are the reasons Georgians in the 12th district sent me to Congress; two businessmen bringing decades of experience in building a business to rebuild America. I am excited to work with President Trump, Vice President Pence and the new Administration to restore America to its full potential. It’s a new day in Washington.”

The same night, Senator David Perdue (R-GA) issued a statement as well.

“President Trump has hit the ground running and is keeping his promises to the American people. He has put the needs of Americans first and the results he’s already achieved have brought forward a renewed spirit of optimism in our country. It’s been encouraging to see President Trump start to get our government moving at more of a business-pace, rather than the usual Washington pace.

“Look at the results. The economy today is on the precipice of a turnaround. The bond market is pricing in potential growth, consumer confidence is showing early signs of moving up, and even corporate leaders are beginning to talk about investing again after a decade of uncertainty and low growth.  

“Tonight, we heard President Trump outline his optimistic vision for America—one with more job opportunities, education choices, and economic mobility for everyone. This is what our country needs to become competitive again, and I am committed to helping him achieve these results for Georgians and the American people.”

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