Allen: The Law is the Law

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Washington, June 29, 2017 | comments

The House of Representatives passed two key bills to crack down on illegal immigration. The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act combats sanctuary policies that shield unlawful and criminal immigrants from federal immigration enforcement. Kate’s Law increases mandatory penalties for aliens who illegally re-enter the United States. The bills passed today are named for Sarah Root, Grant Ronnebeck and Kate Steinle; innocent Americans who lost their lives due to dangerous sanctuary city policies.

Congressman Rick Allen (R-GA-12) spoke in support of the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act on the House floor today:

“I rise to support H.R. 3003, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Many cities across America have adopted “sanctuary” policies over the past few years – this is an obvious disregard of federal law and puts American lives at risk.

“In my home state of Georgia, sanctuary cities have been have been outlawed since 2009. And last year Georgia’s law was amended to require local governments to certify they’re cooperating with federal immigration officials, in order to get state funding.

“The way I see it – the law is the law. Sanctuary city policies are dangerous to all American communities as they can shield unlawful and criminal immigrants from federal immigration enforcement.  President Trump promised to end sanctuary cities - and this is the first step towards keeping that promise.

“How many more innocent American lives need to be stolen because our immigration laws are not being enforced? No person or city is above the law – and that is why my colleagues and I passed this very important bill today.”


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