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Georgia has consistently been ranked as one of the top states for business by sources such as CNBC and Site Selection magazine—and as a small business owner for almost 40 years, I understand the effect that not only creating jobs but jumpstarting our economy can have on our nation and its people. That’s why one of my primary focuses during my tenure in Congress is to always promote conservative economic policies that spur growth. By supporting legislation that grows the economy, creates jobs for hardworking Americans, and reduces the size and scope of the federal government for everyone, we can ensure Georgia remains a top state for business and families and America remains competitive around the world.

For the better part of the last decade, our small businesses have suffered under a mountain of endless bureaucratic red tape and one-size-fits all regulations. Uncertainty and the additional cost of burdensome federal regulations discourages employers from innovation, expansion, and job growth.

I am excited to say that the tide has turned. President Trump and a unified Republican majority will once again implement free market values that empower hardworking Americans and fuel the American Dream. Already, Congress has been hard at work to undo the damage cause by the previous administration by utilizing the Congressional Review Act. The Congressional Review Act is used to roll back rules that were issued in the last 60 legislative days of a previous administration. This year, the President signed thirteen into law to protect our pro-life values, ensure our 2nd Amendment rights, and limit Department of Education overreach.

The goal of Congress should be to fuel growth for hardworking Americans; not to hinder it with burdensome taxation and regulations. While much progress has been made this Congress, rest assured I will continue to support legislation that will put our nation’s economy back on track.

Additionally, I am proud to say that President Trump and a unified Congress delivered an early Christmas present to the American people in December 2017. We kept our promise to jumpstart the economy and put more money into family’s pockets by passing the largest tax reform in 30 years. Our tax plan provides bold reforms that will increase paychecks, grow local businesses, and expand our economy in ways that we have not seen in a long time. Specifically, this plan provides relief and simplification for families by doubling the standard deduction, lowering both the individual and corporate rates, eliminating special-interest deductions that increase rates and complicate Americans’ taxes, and reducing the tax rate on the hard-earned business income of Main Street job creators. These beneficial changes make filing taxes so simple that Americans will now be able to file their taxes on a form as simple as a postcard, while also allowing Americans to enjoy more of their paycheck. To learn more about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and how it may affect you and your family, click here.

I believe in a free market based system that incentivizes businesses to come to the U.S. and remain here in order to grow the economy and create good-paying jobs for Americans. Whether it’s reforming a broken tax system or freeing the economy from harmful regulations, I will always promote policies that will reignite manufacturing, bring companies back to America, and grow the workforce at tremendous rates. 
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